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Campaign in the Cloud
Complete Campaign Communications Toolkit

在你开始一个新的组织活动的路上,你最不需要做的事情就是想知道你是否有所有的检查清单, handouts, videos and Power Point decks you need!

Campaign-In-The-Cloud contains the content and information you need to stop a card-signing campaign in it’s tracks - before a petition is ever filed.

We’ve spent the last few years refining a flexible, ready-to-deploy counter-organizing tool we call Campaign-In-The-Cloud. It was designed from the outset to be easily adapted to any length of campaign -从之前的6周,ag手机亚游都习惯了,减少到10天的闪电战.

With Campaign-In-The-Cloud,你就可以登录到你的个性化网站 access everything you need from one place.

Instant deployment of legally vetted, 事先准备好的交流可以在每一个小时都很重要的时候帮你节省时间!


  • Card Signing
  • Unions as a Business
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Union Rules & Regulations
  • Employment Security & Strikes
  • Get Out the Vote


Each phase includes customizable presentations, weekly checklist, handouts, flyers, postings and more.


Below are some sample documents you can download.

要了解“云端竞选”的完整演示,请拨打电话 or email us here.

如果你愿意,ag手机亚游可以帮你ag手机亚游的一些客户 Campaign-In-The-Cloud in recent campaigns.



Demo Meeting PPT

Want to see the details?

If this page doesn’t answer all of your questions, 请随时给ag手机亚游打电话,与竞选专家交谈或给ag手机亚游留言.

Campaign Communication Website
Complete Mobile-Friendly, Online Communications Hub

It doesn’t help to put up a website if nobody visits!

Don’t make the mistake of focusing your site on what YOU want to say to your employees. Give them what THEY are looking for - front and center, easy to find. 然后回答他们提出的问题,激发一些他们可能没有考虑到的问题. Include video, images, and interactive calculators. Now you’re talking!

An LRI-designed Campaign Website 提供及时的信息,不仅是特定于联盟的,而且 union local-specific. A custom Campaign Website can be instantly updated 解决工会不断演变的问题和错误信息. 它将成为你的员工获取竞选新闻的主要来源. And unlike other forms of communication, a 24/7竞选网站在选民方便的时候通过他们的手机与他们联系. LRI works with you to customize your site for the specific local union and the issues driving your campaign. Our unrivaled database pinpoints the history and weaknesses 针对你们员工的当地工会的名单.


Two live calculators - a Dues vs. 投资和罢工损失计算器-让员工看到工会如何影响他们的钱包.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Charts and graphics, 从当前的来源和引用的可信性, attract attention to key ideas.

Plans and Pricing

无论您需要的是活动工具、交流网站还是两者兼而有之,ag手机亚游都有一个满足您需求的计划. ag手机亚游通常可以在您订购后24小时内访问您的网站!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to my web sites?

这两个活动在云端和活动交流网站, you are provided an administrative login, so that you can access the site, and provide access to the rest of your team.


For the Campaign Communication Site, 该网站面向公众的一面仍然有密码保护,直到你需要“打开它”的时候.”

What is your refund policy?


What is included in updates?

ag手机亚游审查当前的LM-2,罢工历史,以及任何新的宪法. ag手机亚游也更新以符合劳动法的任何变化.  当ag手机亚游更新任何内容(视频、表格和文件等)时.) your site is automatically updated as well.

Also, for the Campaign Communication Site, 当需要一个积极的活动,ag手机亚游将为特定的联盟定制, location and issues.

Can I upgrade to a new package after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. We can invoice you the additional license amount, 或者您可以通过这个页面上的按钮购买新包, 然后让ag手机亚游知道,ag手机亚游将退还您当前许可证的余额.

Want to see the details?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, 请随时给ag手机亚游打电话,与竞选专家交谈或给ag手机亚游留言.

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